Transforming Lives: Jenny Beadle’s Inspirational Fitness Journey with CFB Fitness

By Jenny Beadle

Hello everyone! I’m Jenny Beadle, a 50-year-old Licensed Clinical Social Worker from York, PA. I’ve been a client at CFB Fitness since the end of March 2023, but my fitness journey began over 50 years ago. As a child, I struggled with being overweight, coming from a family with a history of weight issues. Food was a central part of our lives, and my emotions were closely tied to it.

Fast forward to October 2022, my primary care provider visit revealed I was 349 pounds. I’d convinced myself that as long as I stayed under 350 pounds, my weight was “manageable.” But deep down, I knew that wasn’t true. So, after being referred to a kidney specialist due to some concerning lab results, I decided it was time to make a change.

My journey started with something as simple as counting steps. I realized I wasn’t as active as I thought. Slowly, I increased my daily steps, controlled my portion sizes, and stopped late-night snacking. By December 2022, I’d lost about 20 pounds, and I was determined to improve my health.

Then, on December 3, 2022, two days after my first appointment with the kidney specialist, my father unexpectedly passed away. In this challenging moment, instead of turning to food for comfort, I turned to walking as a way to cope with grief and stress.

I viewed my father’s passing as an opportunity to transform my life. I began to change the way I ate, what I ate, and when I ate. The weight continued to drop, and by January 2023, I turned 50 and decided it was time to move forward with the life I’d always wanted.

In March 2023, I stumbled upon CFB Training online. Coach Corey contacted me immediately and showed genuine interest in my journey. Despite my initial hesitations, his persistence was exactly what I needed. Corey provided a safe and supportive space for me to not only increase my physical activity but also to share my story and connect on a personal level.

I started personal training at CFB with Corey, and the weight loss continued. In July 2023, I joined group training sessions, and despite initial anxiety, I found an incredibly supportive and motivating community. With the support of Coaches KK, Dori, and April, I’ve continued to lose weight, build strength, and feel stronger than ever.

The recent two-week break due to a vacation and a foot injury only made me miss the workouts and the people at CFB more. The coaches have always helped me modify workouts to ensure I push myself safely. My perspective on “going to the gym” has completely changed, becoming something I need not only for my physical health but also for my mental well-being.

I’ve gained a different outlook on progress and my goals since joining CFB. I want to keep losing weight, gain strength, build muscle, and increase my mobility. Contacting Coach Corey and starting this journey has been one of the best gifts I’ve given to myself, my family, and my friends. I love the person I’m becoming. Change is hard work, but it’s incredibly worth it. I couldn’t have imagined the support and motivation I’d receive at CFB.

If you’re thinking about making a positive change in your life, I encourage you to take that first step. CFB is more than “just a gym”; it’s a community of support and motivation. As of today, I walk at least 10,000 steps a day, work out three times a week, and have lost 122 pounds since October 23, 2022. You can do this too! Book your intro now to get started.

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